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Phillip and Elizabeth run a tense race against the FBI to recover a dangerous package; Paige thinks about entering the family business. The Americans. Persona Non Grata. Season 4 Episode 13 If The Americans were a different sort of series, William purposely infecting himself. Episode 13 – “Persona Non Grata”. Ali Goldstein/FX. Phillip, who was arguably more prominently featured than his counterpart in Season 4, got. In the season 4 finale, Elizabeth & Philip race against the FBI to retrieve a Season 4 | Episode 13 Keri Russell and Holly Taylor in The Americans ()​. The Americans. S4 E type. TV Show. network. FX. The season finale for The And he will be bringing this episode up with Andropov shortly. In the fourth season finale, Philip and Elizabeth try to beat the FBI to a mysterious package and Paige ponders going into the family business. The Americans Recap: Season 4, Episode 13, “Persona Non Grata”. The series proves once again that action need not be explosive to be. The fourth season of the American television drama series The Americans, consisting of 13 episodes, premiered on FX on March 16, , and concluded on June 8, The events of the fourth season begin immediately after the events of the last episode of the. It's a spellbinding episode of television that puts Philip and Elizabeth as close as they've ever been to getting caught, then walks back from the. This episode wrapped up the biological weapons plotline while planting seeds for the show's final two seasons.
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